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riseandyoga 7 months ago
It's not very funny, kinda just random. The video itself if a bit boring. Maybe if you added some cuts it would be more interesting. I would not subscribe if I stumbled across this but I might look at some of your other videos. It's kind of confusing because I don't know if the video is meant to be focusing on your conversation or the game. The editing in terms of the memes and stuff are good, maybe more of them would make the video better.
Colto 1 year, 12 months ago
I liked the intro. Always nice to grab people's attention right off the bat. I would suggest that you maybe adjust your face cam lighting some more and to keep honing your skills. You should be making even greater vids in no time!
JestFables to Colto 1 year, 12 months ago
Thanks for the feedback, we're tweaking everything as we go based off recommendations like this one!
JakiStow 1 year, 12 months ago
Hi! I like your commentary and editing, I tend to do the same kind of humorous editing myself, with facecam effects and all that. What kind of LP do you wanna make? If it's playthrough without cuts, then you're good to go (but I'm not fond of those so I'm not the best judge). However, if you wanna do humorous LP, I suggest you cut more of the gameplay, as it can get boring. If you have more questions, feel free to ask, I'd be happy to elaborate :)
tenjin 1 year, 12 months ago
I don't see much point to a facecam on this type of video.. Also maybe it's a bit too long for super meatboy. The edits are pretty good in my opion as well. You should look into stuff like gamegrumps for a good format
ProjectLGF 1 year, 12 months ago
Hey guys, we enjoyed the intro, with the little edited bits added (Nouh!) and the overall "banter" throughout when you guys get going! We're divided on the headphones, though.
JestFables to ProjectLGF 1 year, 12 months ago
He insists on wearing them... People either love them or hate them lol
PAEft 2 years ago
1) the editing is fine 2) No because I didn't feel entertained 3) If the video gets interesting at certain points only, you already know that there's still a lot to improve. But you have a lot of potential imo
Sir_Mr_Mistery40 2 years ago
Your reactions and animations make the video so much fun. I just think that if you were going to talk about the killing people you could have mentioned it and move on because you lingered on it and it made me feel uneasy
JestFables to Sir_Mr_Mistery40 2 years ago
Understandable, Thanks for the feedback!
KEleven 2 years ago
How can you die two times in 20 seconds? Crazy :P I love the comedy! I like the idea of one guy just commentating on GamePlay. Its fun watching you both. I would have subscribed but I am not that into LetsPlay. I like the editing. Especially the "Noah" part ( though you can use better fonts) I can see that you have worked hard on this video. And it did came out really well. Great work man.
JestFables to KEleven 2 years ago
Appreciate the feedback! Starting June, we are branching out from just Let's plays to more comedy videos as well as video game based content that isn't necessarily just Let's plays. If you do decide to subscribe, I'd really appreciate your feedback on that new content when it releases!
3maalp 2 years ago
You guys have good back and forth at times. At the beginning, it seemed a little like whoever was playing was having issues keeping up with banter because of how hard the game is. The live view seemed to block some of the action at times. I would move it into one of the bottom corners and buy a cheap $10 green screen to put behind you and edit it out of the video so you see just the both of you and block less of the action. To be honest, i didn't like a lot of the editing where you cover up the action in the game. The 420 doritos thing was a little funny, but when you do that it takes the game out of the lets play. This will sound harsh and I'm sorry, but the no-uh part was by far the worst 5 seconds of the video. If a joke falls flat in a video, you still have the gameplay for people to enjoy, but for 5 seconds the only thing you gave to the viewers in video and commentary was "ha ha we mispronounced a word". And that's a shame because it looks like you made custom art for all the no-uhs and put most of the editting effort into that. My point is you can edit stuff into your gameplay vids, but dont edit completely over it. Your commentary and editing effects need to compliment the gameplay, which should be the focus most of the time. Your gameplay,audio, and video was good though.
NeffBomb 2 years ago
I took a chance on this one-- here're my thoughts. Good: You guys bounce off each other quite well. You've got chemistry and it's enjoyable listening to you guys banter while you're playing. Editing was great. There were a lot of entertaining moments emphasized by your editing. Not So Good: Your facecam's a little too bright. It's a bit off-putting. Speaking of facecam--the few times where you've dragged it across the video were a little unnecessary. The "political" discussion of bombs was a little long-winded. Probably a bit too deep for the LP crowd. Good luck in the future! I look forward to seeing more.
JestFables to NeffBomb 2 years ago
Hey! Thanks for your feedback, we're both still new at this so we're trying out a lot of different things to see what works and what doesn't. I'm glad you took a chance and enjoyed what you saw, we aim to always try to make the next video better than the one before it!
SimAndJamesPlayGames 2 years ago
Turn down your exposure. Don't say each others names too much, people will know who you are as long as you introduce yourself at the start of the video. Try and act a bit more natural, just enjoy the game and have fun with it. That's what playing with friends is all about. BUT!!! I really like your enthusiasm!!! James YT: SimAndJamesPlayGames
JestFables to JestFables 2 years ago
A fairly old (4 years or so) Sony camera... Not sure of the model, it's my co-hosts.. however if it is something that can easily be fixed in Vegas, I'm all ears!
SimAndJamesPlayGames to JestFables 2 years ago
What camera do you use?
JestFables to SimAndJamesPlayGames 2 years ago
Thanks for the feedback, I've been trying to tinker with the exposure but it always comes out looking funny... still learning I suppose lol