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riseandyoga 7 months ago
Thumbnail is not very interesting, if it was edited better I would be more likely to click. The music is good, but the voice over is giving some distortion so you could improve by being further away from your microphone. The content is simple and interesting. I think the video could have ended at 3 minutes. The editing of music is a little jarring.
TheSlickGecko 1 year, 5 months ago
The quality of the video was really good and the gameplay was really good too. I would recommend turning up the volume a little for the cutscenes because it was pretty quiet. The mic quality for your voice was great though. Episodes are also a little long. Keep up the good work! :)
Crocodrillo 1 year, 5 months ago
the thumbnail looks a bit unprofessional, made in paint?? The intro is too long. You have to get a better mic. Audio quality is always more important than footage.
OopsyDaisyGaming 2 years ago
- Thumbnail feels skippable. I would recommend using a program like Canva to create a more click-worthy thumbnail. - I would recommend looking into a better microphone. I feel like you had to yell a little bit to make sure that it heard you, and it causes your audio to clip. - I like the graphics that you use to accompany the audio. It's nice to see the dual graphic.
GlowStoneTurtle 2 years ago
The thumbnail is in really bad quality. You could definitely work on that. Your logo isn't that pleasing to the eye at all either. The background music is super over used. I wouldn't mind a different more obscure song. Your microphone could most certainly be improved. As well as the audio in general. But I think if you improve your quality you could definitely help some people with a test or something the next day :p
Fiddles 2 years ago
The thumbnail has WAY to much going on. The introduction gave me a 90's Nova vibe. The audio quality is a tad too loud. Your music transitions are VERY harsh, you need to make it flow in the background by using gradients. The entire video seemed informational, I would work on editing and wording a tad, but the heart is in the right place!
attreya 2 years ago
1) Hmm.. thumbnail could be a lot better. There is just to much text in it. 2) Dude the content of your videos is just awesome. If you could just work on the these things you would become from ok to great - a) Work on your production value. Intro, Outros b) Work on your audio. Its too monotone for people. Still good work on the content. Keep them coming!
KEleven 2 years ago
I really liked your outro. And what is that child speaking at the starting? I am curious. Was it zaffron? Okay, your voice is too monotone. Looks like you are reading from a script that hasn't been practiced properly. This is such a big turn off. Ugh! The content was pretty good. Audio can be a lot better. And around 4:20 I noticed you start giving subtitles instead of voice. What is that about? In a nutshell the title,concept and the content were real good but the presentation was disappointing.
zaffron to KEleven 2 years ago
Thank you