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riseandyoga 7 months ago
The video moves at a very slow frame rate (its not my internet), could you optimise it at a better quality? I would enjoy this move if you showed less of the video and more of your thoughts and reactions, as that is what people are watching your video for.
thefivemonths 2 years ago
It seems that your computer isn't handling the recording too well! Try to keep a frame rate of 24 (although higher is certainly accepted) I also suggest focusing more on making original content. React will work, but you need to really establish yourself to make people want to hear your commentary.
anonymous_user 2 years ago
Not too bad at all! This is relatively in-depth feedback, but I would say that having a good set up for your video might not be a bad idea. Having a more high quality camera (whenever you can get one) would be good, as well as recording in a spot that might be a bit more visually appealing. You have a great personality and I wouldn't mind hearing you offer a little bit more commentary!