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NerdBros 2 years, 11 months ago
I really like your name & the thumbnail is really good - looks like time went into it and I think it would grab my attention. Intro was awesome. Your audio quality is amazing. I subbed on my personal account and our channel (NerdBros) might want to do a collab sometime?
LukeCofficial1 2 years, 11 months ago
I liked the commentary style of this video, I thought it was pretty good. I personally am not a fan of those types of games, but the overall video quality is good.
OverbyteGaming 3 years ago
nice retro intro, great audio quailty. good chemistry between the two of you. took a little too long to get into game to be honest. once you get going, i felt like i was discovering the game with you. really like the commentary and the back and forth. good job!
Visinga 3 years ago
I loved the intro and you guys work very well together as in you mash with one another. The quality is also very good, and your voices are very well balanced, there was no sound peak at any moment. Another plus is that there is never any commentary silence which keeps the video pleasant to watch. The only thing i could say to change is include facecam so we as the audience can relate to your reactions. Overall this was great, keep it up guys :)
TrenezinTV 3 years ago
Oky first I want to say I really really liked the video. In fact I was wanting to find a gaming channel more like this one. STRENGTHS: The two of you really seem like good friends so it leads to a lot of great commentary. You are both funny, and knowledgeable about video games. WEAKNESSES: I would make an outro type of screen or standardized outro (you have a good intro) One thing to note. You guys do seem very similar to game grumps. (Which I liked, in fact I enjoyed your commentary more than most GG episodes) The animated character heads in the intro don't help that perception. Honestly though. Great video and I subbed.
anonymous_user 3 years ago
You two are very entertaining! It makes me want to keep watching and not get bored and want to leave! A strong encouragement would be to possibly try adding a webcam to your videos, It puts a face to the voice and it's more fun, personally, to watch a video SEEING your reactions
hollyhavens14 3 years ago
Yeah, I thought the commentary style was funny! Never played the game before, but looks pretty crazy and fun! The overall sound quality, visuals, etc. were on point.
OopsyDaisyGaming 3 years ago
The commentary is very natural. You can tell hat you guys are at least friends. It wasn't laugh out loud funny, but it had a lot of cute moments.
KGaming 3 years ago
Limo is a great gamrange but very unpopular I think if you did larger games you'd get better known faster. But other than that the intro was cool and maybe try adding a face cam but I definitely enjoyed the content
KEleven 3 years ago
1) 'O' within 'O'. Oh... freaky stuff man :P 2) The starting is really good. I know now what I am here for. You do gameplay of games that come free on ps4 every month. Neat idea. 3) This was really funny. And it is actually refreshing to see good audio on a gameplay video. 4) Gamechoice was good. I think the game should not be good enough to distract from the commentary and not bad enough that viewers get bored. You hit the sweet spot. Great work man. Looking forward to more videos from you.
TeamPlayers 3 years ago
Dudes! You guys are doing quite well! I've watched a fair amount of Let's Play videos on this website so far, and this is the best one I've seen. Thanks for having a short intro, for actually having an introduction for the audience, and having some solid production quality it seems. Game choice was fine, you guys have some chemistry and have discernible personalities which is great. Audio quality was good, and the video was very fun! Only advice I'd have would be to shadow some of the other LPers and what they are doing, to ensure that you are doing the very best of what you're choosing to do (for example, introducing video of you guys playing or not). Your call with all of that, but always good to look at what everyone else is doing :)
NeffBomb 3 years ago
The Good: *You two appear to have some great chemistry. *Explaining the pitfalls of the game is always a good time. *Your audio quality is outstanding. Are you using two different mics or sharing one? The Bad: *You spent way too long in the introduction. If the video's only 10 minutes long, you don't wanna spend a lot of time introducing yourself. *The pacing isn't great. It took over 3 minutes just to get you into the actual gameplay of the game. Consider editing out most of you running around as a human and skip straight to the puzzles. Suggestions: *Add a facecam, if you have the option to. There's a lot of empty space around the dungeon that could be better suited for a camera. Good luck to you guys in the future! I think you guys are doing a great job, and I hope to see more from you.
letemcomeinit 3 years ago
Hey, like the graphics in the intro right off the bat but feel the jingle is a bit of a rip from Game Grumps. I'd say aim for something a little more personal maybe on the jingle. Levels are spot on through my mac, background music is perfect level in the beginning. Think it would have been nice to have a bit more music over-layed into the edit for the main game, would add a but more to the commentary I'd say. Easily listenable though chaps and good banter, not too over the top and came across natural.
TruthSeeker 3 years, 1 month ago
the commentary was two are in perfect sync and it was quite funny as well.the quality was good .though this ain't my kind of game,I actually enjoyed it.nice work
zaffron 3 years, 1 month ago
Your commentary voice was very clear and you have a very good degree of speaking confidence. The music background is too low. i think the video needs some smiley faces and to have some sound animations especially on the transitions. However, i loved the idea of making dual commentary/play.
Ebliar-Nevo 3 years, 1 month ago
You are doing a great job to be honest. It is very funny and you remind me of SuperMega if you've ever heard of that. I really can't think of anything you could change except have an outro. It could just be a little animation or you could use the YouTube cards. I have subscribed to your channel, I enjoy it very much.
GlowStoneTurtle 3 years, 1 month ago
I found this video so freaking funny! I couldn't find anything I disliked. The video time was short enough to not get overwhelmed, but long enough to have enough content there. The game isn't the most entertaining (personally), but your guys' commentary was hilarious and MADE the game entertaining. Y'all just got a new subscriber. Only thing is the intro has a weird audio effect when you say "Edgy Nerds Play" that is sorta irritating. It's hard to explain. Maybe just turning the intro down a bit would fix it?
BeyondModern 3 years, 1 month ago
Intro is great! Real huge fan of the sort of chill "two-friends-play-games-and-bounce-commentary-off-each-other" type of commentaries. Audio quality is really good, no audible white noise that I can hear and very little dead air, which certainly helps for the entertainment value. Game choice was good, seeing as I've never heard of it and thus kind of grabs my interest and attention.
Tipsyfish 3 years, 1 month ago
Few things: -Puzzle games are one of the few things that you can get away with being "blind". However, is you end up getting stuck on puzzles I would highly recommend cutting out all your time pondering and attempting to fix it except for when you get the understanding as to what you're doing. Didn't show up in this episode but for future ones (assuming that even happens) - Your commentary is fine, but it doesn't interest me much style wise. Doesn't have much in the way of substance, more just a pseudo podcast style one but it isn't bad. Attempting to do another style likely wouldn't really work either. It's a chill little game which is all that you can really use with it.
CaelBrad 3 years, 1 month ago
ayyyy you guys again haha, originally i wasn't keen on the intro but now i dig it hahaha, loving the obscure games your playing, nice theme for the channel, not mainstream but still great stuff, commentary as always is great, short review but i was too busy watching the vid haha, would love to collab with you guys some time, peace out
maddoxworld 3 years, 1 month ago
The commentary style was entertaining. It was funny-ish. I didn't really laugh but you guys seem pretty cool. The audio was good. The game seemed pretty boring to me though.