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Category - Educational
riseandyoga 7 months ago
Editing could be a little more streamlined, eg. make fading transitions shorter. The microphone quality is about a 6/10, I can understand it but it seems kind of muffled, almost distorted. A better background could be really cool as well. Otherwise interesting and helpful.
zaffron 2 years ago
You have a good level of knowledge and high talking confidence too. The video was useful and i think will gain high watch time rate. Your voice was clear and background music volume was perfect because it did not overcome your voice. However, it better to record yourself by avoiding locating your self in one specific location (left side) because one position will make viewers feel boring. Keep the good work.
Ebliar-Nevo 2 years, 1 month ago
The editing is very proffesional and smooth which definitely will engage your audience. The jump cuts are smooth and I love the swooping sound effects when text comes up. However, the audio quality when you are speaking could improve a lot.
KrixOfficial 2 years, 2 months ago
Your audio is a bit off. Your intro is very good, high production quality. Your biggest problem is your audio, you sound muffled and it could use an improvement. Secondly your video is framed quite strangely. You seem to have to lean into the camera, and the top of your head goes out of frame sometimes. Other than that, your production is spot on, very good. The text faces you use, your choice of music, and your visuals, audio FX, are all very good. Your narration and presentation is also very good.
Leplyn 2 years, 2 months ago
The volume levels really need to be addressed. Your intro clip there is soo much louder than you so it came across and really poorly done. Your jump cuts are brutal after almost every sentence you have a jump cut and it really breaks the flow and also some of your jump cuts zoom in or out which also stands out quiet a bit. (2:01) for example.
nathanpollon 2 years, 2 months ago
So the first thing I notice is the audio. In **ANY** production setup, audio is vastly more important than video. I would be fine with the audio if the intro didn't suddenly let me know just how muffled it sounds. To remedy this, I would work on using a compressor in whatever software you use to boost up the volume and even it out. Intro: Lose it. If you already say that you're going to do reviews/how-to's/technology, you don't need the flashy intro. For me personally, an intro makes me want to leave the video. It basically communicates that the video itself doesn't have content that you believe in. Music: good volume. Not too overpowering. Lighting: Looks phenomenal. Keep it! That tinting on the wall looks great. Your camera's video quality is also very nice. I will comment though on those screens in the back. I get that it's technology (and that you want to even it out by having things in the back), but they just feel tacky. Maybe replace them with something, talk *behind* the table, or even just the wall. Finally, composition. You're so far to the left of the screen that I feel like you're trying to almost *lean* into the frame. Maybe center yourself more. I get that you want to follow the rule of thirds, but this just feels a bit excessive.