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Category - Gameplay
Sancho 10 months, 1 week ago
editing was good and video quality. audio could be better. it is a funny video, but i don't watch this type of content so I wouldn't subscribe. 5/5 stars.
DJOHNY 11 months ago
the editing is very good, the shots you got look very high quality and cinematic, it really is entertaining, it's like a funny amateur movie, this might be just my opinion but i think zooming into one of your faces while you're talking in intense moments would make the bit a lot funnier, adding some music and sound effects would make it a bit better, and shots from different angles would also make it look professional, for example the scene where you drown the dude, i see that scene looking better had you shown it from an angle where it shows only you and your arms pushing down onto something out of frame, and having the rest of the guys in the background, you got a very good thing going right now, keep at it, experiment, and let your creativity do its thing, very good boyssss