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riseandyoga 7 months ago
Your speech is pretty good! The shots of the park might be better if you did some panning shots rather than just zooming. The setting is very pretty and your editing is pretty good as well. Maybe if you talked about some of the things your showing of the park it might be a bit more interesting.
BigZtv 2 years, 2 months ago
The camera work needs to be worked on a bit. The edits need to be smoother. It would have been if you were talking part of the town you were in, like a travel vlog. I don't think putting up pictures of what you already filmed was great. It was like you repeated stuff I have already seen. Maybe if you want to show off your pictures just add your instagram name when doing you outro.
Fiddles 2 years, 3 months ago
BN BN! I speak english natively, so I will be using this for my review. Accent is strong, but it works in your favor. I would suggest talking more about things that are native to Portugal, maybe teach people how to make authentic food. Maybe buy a drone and fly around with it. The shots were good, and I would like to see more videos if you could do more interesting things that are not found in the US
thor4 2 years, 3 months ago
I liked the video, nice place. Your speaking wasn't great but I expect that English isn't your first language. You have a nice accent though so that makes up for it, keep practising to try and become more natural in front of the camera